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Amanda Knox: Screw the Italian Court System!

The Italian court system has proved itself to be one huge joke with the second conviction of Amanda Knox. It seems that the court is so desperate to slam dunk a conviction on an American that they’ll say anything to make it so. Remember, in the beginning the prosecution’s case was centered around the idea that Amanda Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaelle Sollecito, killed their roommate, Meredith Kercher, after she refused to participate in a “drug fueled sex orgy.” The prosecution claimed that Amanda and Rafaelle were “high on marijuana” when they did this. ROTFL!! Because marijuana makes you horny and violent, right? LOLOLOL!!! How stupid can they be? Wait… I have an answer for that in just a minute. Obviously, the Italian courts haven’t stepped into the New Age where people are well aware of what marijuana is and what it does. Most importantly, people are educated about what it does NOT do. And it certainly doesn’t make you a horny killer. How incredibly ignorant! They also argued that her DNA was found on the kitchen knife used to kill Kercher. What?!! You’re kidding? Her DNA was found on the utensils in the freaking house she lived in? No Way!! Still, with all of this non-evidence, they were able to secure a conviction against Knox and she spent 4 years in prison until the conviction was overturned and she was acquitted. She returned to the states but then the Italian court says “wait, wait, we want one more stab at it!” (no pun intended) Why? Because they’re too inept to conduct a proper investigation and locate the real killer! Amanda was also found guilty of slander against a bar owner whom she claimed to have heard confess to the murder. Who knows why she said that? Can we be so sure it wasn’t factual? I mean… the entire first conviction was thrown out and she was acquitted, right? Maybe they convicted her wrongfully of that too.
Now, the funniest part to me is the case the prosecution brought the second time around. This time there was no “mariuana fueled sex orgy” (because they realized how re-damn-diculous that sounded). No…this time it was an argument that broke out over a toilet not being flushed! So, the prosecution presented her as some drugged up, violent whore the first time and now as a very sloppy roommate with killer tendencies if you call her out on it. Really?
Here’s what more than likely happened. That poor young lady was probably murdered by someone in a very important position in the courts or government and in order to keep the focus off that person, the court is set on convicting this sweet,innocent American girl and her boyfriend. Hey, it makes as much sense as both of their scenarios!
I say that she goes into hiding somewhere in the states. Lay low, Amanda!
To the Reptalian…oops! I mean… Italian court system: Leave Amanda alone!! (Chris Crocker voice).