Things He Hates In The Bedroom


            Things He Hates Sexually (Part I)

You may think that to a man it’s all the same. You can probably only think of one or two things that make sex different for a man, right? How wrong you are! While men are indeed visual when it comes to sex, there is a lot to be said for the mental game as well. There is that certain woman that a man will always come back to and never forget even if he sleeps with a thousand women. From personal experience, there are only three women that stand out in my mind from all the escapades I have had. Different factors apply for different men of course but, to assist you in becoming his sexual superstar, here are a few things that the overwhelming majority of men agree are “no no’s” in the bedroom.


1.      Men can’t stand women who act silly, squeamish or scared in the bedroom:

Think about it. Would you want a man who does excessive giggling or seems to be afraid to touch in some way? What if he acted like he was nauseated after performing a certain act? Would that man get a return visit? I think not! Yet women feel that this behavior is perfectly okay for them. They think it makes them look more innocent. Even if he goes along with your act for the night, the next day he’s telling his buddies how stupid you are for thinking he doesn’t know you’re not so innocent. In other words, be a woman in the bedroom or you will lose out to another that is.


.2.      Women who act to “pretty” or “too good” for certain sexual activites:

Along the same lines as the first statement but the attitude is a bit more of a turn off. Women who want you to follow a certain protocol in the bedroom are the worst. They don’t want mess up their hair or their make-up. They don’t want to wrinkle their clothes. They don’t want you to “finish” on certain parts of their body, etc., etc., etc. How annoying! She must be the daughter of ole Buzz Killington himself. By the time it’s over (which is not soon enough in this case), a man has concentrated harder on not breaking all the rules than he has on actually trying to pleasure her. What a waste of time this woman is. She’ll get a call only when the well has run completely dry and all other options have been exhausted! Advice: get over yourself or get dumped!


3.      Weird or outrageous noises are not sexy!

Now, there is something to be said about a woman who knows how to really get into it and let you know the level of her enjoyment with sexy moans, whines, and screams. However: howling like a wolf, slipping into the voice of Satan, cawing like a crow or making any noises similar to the ones on the song “What Does The Fox Say?” are not attractive at all. Please take some time to practice alone (wink, wink) and get your stuff together if you are an offender. It could make the difference between getting your man and running him off for good.




4.      Doing too little…

Let’s face it no one likes a dead …. So if you’re the type that likes to just lay there   showing little to no enthusiasm about the deed, you may as well have saved yourself the trouble and read a book instead. There’s nothing worse than the woman that goes horizontal and merely puts her hand on your back and lets out a few “oooohs” every now and again. She treats sex like it’s nothing special. She says stuff like “sure I love sex but I can go without it” or she goes on about how long she’s gone without it and didn’t miss it. She may feel like sex is dirty or naughty due to her religious upbringing or experiences from the past. Boring!! Along with this, is the woman who never wants to venture out and try anything new. It’s vanilla, vanilla, vanilla sprinkled with drops of vanilla. You will never excite or keep a man this way. You simply have to step your sex game up!  If you need some ideas on how to shake things up, stay tuned to this blog!


5.      Doing too much!

There’s a moment from the “Scary Movie” franchise that comes to mind (hilarious). Normally, this comes about from a woman realizing that she’s guilty of one or more of the previous mentioned points so she tries to overcompensate by putting on what I like to call the “Big Show.” This act comes complete with fire, explosions, circus clowns, tigers and bears. Calm down. Going over the top with things makes a man feel uncomfortable. He knows that nothing you’re doing is genuine and it’s a huge turn off. You will end up getting no sex at all with this approach and more than likely the night will end in a fight. Instead, introduce one or two things that he has expressed interest in. Do it very cool with confidence and the appropriate enthusiasm.


Stay tuned. There’s more to this list!

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