SHE DOES NOT OWE YOU SEX!!: New Education For Men

267769378_747ebbb08a_zHmmm… It’s difficult to decide where to begin with this one but let me go into my own experiences. When I was in my teen years, it seemed as though the unspoken rule for boys was when you take a girl out and spend money on her, you should make sure you have condoms because you’re going to get some sex. Also, buying her candy, roses, stuffed animals and the like guarantees a good romp in the bedroom as well. Some of us were taught to get angry if the girl refused and bully her into either oral sex or manual release. Using intimidation to get sexual satisfaction from girls was normal and often encouraged. It’s sad to see that this mindset still exist today. Let me quickly give you a new outlook on this subject .

What we as men should keep in mind is that a woman’s body is exactly that…HER body! I know that you went out of your way to prepare for this special night with movie tickets or even concert tickets. You cleaned all the old crusty McDonald’s wrappers out of your car, trimmed your nose hairs, you manscaped your private area into the shape of the Superman emblem and clipped those eagle talons that you call toenails. You even took a Q-Tip and cleaned the disgusting wax build up out of your ears in case she decides to nibble on them while you’re pounding her to ecstasy. And then… she drops the bombshell with a big hardy “No!” after she’s been teasing you all night. In fact, she’s been teasing you for weeks now by sending sexy pics, sexting, ect. The two of you have been hot and heavy making out all night and you knew for sure you were going to fall in some. You’ve got her top off, bra undone, her pants are somewhere across the room and she’s all the way down to her Betty Boop thong. She keeps saying “No” and you keep persisting. Finally, she pushes you off and starts to get dressed. You’re pissed. Your testicles and penis are about to go into a round of “How Blue Can You Get?” that would outdo B.B. King. Now, with the conventional thinking (the thinking I grew up on), this is the moment you start tripping by getting up and yelling at her, telling her how f***ing lame she is, how pretty she really isn’t, how you’ve treated her like a princess, how stupid she is for not giving in after all this time and whatever other verbal insults you can throw at her. Once you see that she’s still resisting, you step it up a notch by acting furious and exhibiting potentially physically abusive behavior which includes yelling at the top of your voice, getting up in her face and maybe even backing her up a few feet against the wall. This is to give her the impression that she doesn’t have a choice but to give you something and you may even tell her that you’re not leaving until she does “something” for you.

Here’s another example: Those same circumstances except you’re not the aggressive type. You’re more passive aggressive. So you make sure you get her back to your place (or hers) and that you have enough alcohol to get her good and drunk. She says “No” and you keep pouring drinks until it’s a “yes” or until she passes out and then, you handle business. Even worse than that, is the coward who uses date rape drugs to ensure that by the time the night is over he gets laid.

EVERYTHING I just mentioned above is RAPE. Make no mistake about it. Both men and women have been programmed to except this as normal behavior. Women have willingly accepted the role of the victim in what are clearly sexual crimes. Men have been taught to be sexual predators without even realizing what they’re doing.


Let me offer you a fresh “2015” perspective. No matter what you’ve done for a woman; whether you’ve taken her to a fast food joint, a five star restaurant, on a cruise or on a trip to the moon and back, she doesn’t owe you her vagina any more than she owes you her kidney! Her vagina is a part of HER body to give to whomever SHE chooses, whenever SHE chooses. Listen! Even if she sent you dirty pics accompanied with dirty conversation and a promise to give it to you in a contract signed in her own blood, she still has every right to change her mind at any given time and you have no right to take sex from her or strong-arm her into any sexual activity whatsoever! Think about it. What if women thought the same way? Would you be okay with a woman giving you gifts, taking you out to dinner and then feeling entitled to get you drunk or drugged up and give you a good pounding with a strap-on? How violated would that make you feel?

Here’s a couple of suggestions. Forget the notion that doing nice things for a girl is “tricking off” or being a fool. It’s nice to do nice things for people. Consider it a treat for yourself with the added bonus of lovely female company. That way there’s no feeling of being played, owed or entitled to something. Secondly, if she says “no” consider that things may have changed for her over the course of the night. Most women are emotional beings and though she may be feeling sexual at the beginning of the night, she can lose it by the end for a variety of reasons: maybe something during the night brought up a bad memory, maybe she thinks you’re a great catch and doesn’t want to screw things up or maybe the Mexican food she devoured earlier is knocking at her back door. Who knows? Respect her wishes and don’t violate her. Another simple solution is leave her alone and move on to the next one. If you feel that she’s just playing/using you, remember that there are literally billions of vaginas out there and you can have your fair share and someone else’s fair share without resorting to intimidation or dirty tricks. In fact, statistics state that the average man has a 1 in 25 chance of having sex with a woman everyday. That means that if you were to randomly ask multiple women each day for sex, it would average out to you having sex at least once for every 25 women you asked. Those are damn good odds, boy! Go get it!

In closing, if for some idiotic reason you feel like a woman owes you for what you’ve done for her, take her to small claims court but leave her body alone!

Microchip implants are NOT the mark of the beast!

2556398_707c852391Anyone with any religious knowledge has heard of  the coming apocalypse. The end of the world has been spelled out in just about every religious text in existence. In the King James Version of the Holy Bible, it is spelled out in Revelations 13:16 that the dreaded “beast” will force the people of the world to receive a mark in their right hand or foreheads. Without this mark, one will not be able to buy, sell or trade but at the same time, willingly accepting this mark will automatically condemn the person’s soul to eternal hell  and torment. For years, people have struggled unsuccessfully with deciphering Revelations into something we can all understand. For instance, “the beast” is not an actual animal but supposedly an evil coalition of the world’s top government officials who form a one world government that abides by the same laws, uses one currency and puts all the people of the world in a new form of slavery. This is better known as the “New World Order” to most people. I don’t know about you but this makes me want to cozy to some government officials so I can be on the winning side of this thing.

With all that said, I want to address the theory that some people have of the implanted microchip being the infamous “mark of the beast”. There’s no stopping its full implementation over the next decade so for all of you who are resisting the idea of having a piece of technology inserted into your body, I firmly suggest that you find a way to get used to the idea. The FDA declared microchips to be safe for humans and they are already in use in Florida, Illinois and Ohio to name a few places. The argument for microchips is pretty strong. They will provide efficiency for sales transactions, easier transfers of information and some sense of personal security. The honest truth is that the threat of  a loss of privacy and tampering is always a possibility but rest assured that measures will be put into place that will help prevent and discourage these events from occurring.

Simply put, if microchips are the mark of the beast, then so are paper money, coin, checks, credit and debit cards. These are all instruments used by us to buy, sell and trade goods and services. Without any of the aforementioned, one can not survive unless they choose to live in the wild (which has a cost of its own). Shouldn’t those all be considered “marks of the beast” as well? Every bar code that exist has the number 666 in it. I’m sure we are all aware that 666 is the designated “number” of the beast in the same book of the Bible, yet we have continued to buy and sell products with no thoughts of negative consequences. Let’s not forget that the same cry of “fulfillment of biblical prophesy” was heard when the use of the social security number was instituted in the 1930’s (I sure hope they were wrong about that one because that could mean billions of people, including myself and all who read this, burning in hell for all eternity!). Still, the idea of having a microchip implant seems to bring out all the religious fanatics and fear-mongers who want to condemn all new advances in technology and portray them as the devil’s work. This is “Dark Age” thinking. What’s next? Will we round up all the people who receive or want to receive the “chip” and burn them at the stake in the name of religion? The human microchip is a necessary evil (insert sarcastic snicker here) in the fast paced world in which we live today. A world that is sure to only speed up. As we forge ahead, we will have less time for long waits in grocery and other retail lines as well as less time for searching for important documents and identification when they are required. Think about how you feel when you’re in line with all your merchandise on the belt with debit card in hand and there’s an elderly person in front of you with a checkbook on the counter searching for a pen or waiting with pen in hand to hear their total so they can fill in all the blanks, sign it, dig out ID and then have the check ran through the primitive check approval machine two or three times.  Uuuuggghhh!!

Also, finding your way to someone in a crowd or finding a lost person will be a cinch. Identity theft and kidnappings will become nearly non-existent. Everything a person will ever need will be stored on and accessible from the chip. Think of all the wonderful possibilities. The fear of eternal damnation to hell fire is plain silly. I suggest to you that Revelations is speaking of something deeper than the microchip. Think about it. Plus, most of you are going to hell anyway… chip or no chip. You may as well enjoy the conveniences of modern technology before you burn for all eternity, right? So, I end this by asking all of you “What kind of dip would you like with your chip?”

Police Violence: Where Blacks Went Wrong


The recent escalation of violent attacks on the general public by our police force is very disturbing and inexcusable. The decisions on behalf of our court system to completely exonerate the irresponsible cops who perpetrated these crimes is deplorable. It seems as though the police of our time are either spineless cowards who use their badges to become legal adult bullies or psychopaths who use their power to commit thrill killings. Our police have become nothing more than serial killers empowered by the law.
There is no doubt that most of these attacks are against the black race. The statistics gathered about the black race state that blacks are 8 times more likely to be violent when in an altercation (which is supported by the growing black on black murder rate) are usually the justification for excessive force by police. Though the nationwide outrage and protests by black people have been overall peaceful, it seems as though Blacks people missed an important piece in mobilizing an entire movement and, therefore, the efforts will more than likely be in vain.

The first mistake Blacks made was choosing the Michael Brown case as it’s central concern. The Eric Garner case would not have been a better choice. However, the story of John Crawford would have been the perfect reason for a call to action simply because there were no sketchy details, he had no prior criminal history and there was video proof that this young man was viciously gunned down by cops for merely doing what any White kid in America has done for years. John Crawford was a law abiding citizen shopping in Walmart and he died for it. That should have been the headliner. Do Blacks actually have to live in fear of being killed while shopping? Are Black people now being denied the right to buy a BB gun if they want one? Does this mean that Blacks shouldn’t even think about buying a real gun ( those are sold at Walmart too)? That is even more scary than the Michael Brown or Eric Garner cases.

The second mistake Black the people made (and continue to make) was focusing strictly on the Black race. Though it is true that the rate of cop violence is grossly disproportionate to the size of the population, it was still a bad move to coin the phrase “Black lives matter” and show a complete disregard for the tragedies that have occurred for races. Latinos and Hispanics don’t have it much better with the police and, to be quite honest, the police are starting to beat and kill Whites as well. The truth of the matter is that the police in America have been given almost unrestricted power to come into our homes, to search our property and to use whatever level of force they want against us. The failure to recognize the pain of people of other races who have lost loved ones to or have been abused by cops is not only disrespectful and childishly stubborn but extremely foolish. To want someone to get on board with your cause without including their concerns is an unrealistic expectation.

Plus, this fight is too big for Black people to win on their own. Every race needs to be involved. The only way to do that is for them to see themselves represented in the issues. If the all cases of police brutality and murder had been made the central focus, we could have made significant strides towards demilitarizing our police force, demanding better treatment of citizens and holding those accountable who choose to use excessive force.

Maybe there is time to reboot and reorganize and make this a cause that everyone can get involved in because police brutality is a situation that effects ALL people of ALL colors. America is rapidly moving towards becoming a full blown military state. The only way to stop that from happening is for EVERY race to see what’s coming our way and  for EVERY race to take to the streets to stop it!

Things He Hates In The Bedroom


            Things He Hates Sexually (Part I)

You may think that to a man it’s all the same. You can probably only think of one or two things that make sex different for a man, right? How wrong you are! While men are indeed visual when it comes to sex, there is a lot to be said for the mental game as well. There is that certain woman that a man will always come back to and never forget even if he sleeps with a thousand women. From personal experience, there are only three women that stand out in my mind from all the escapades I have had. Different factors apply for different men of course but, to assist you in becoming his sexual superstar, here are a few things that the overwhelming majority of men agree are “no no’s” in the bedroom.


1.      Men can’t stand women who act silly, squeamish or scared in the bedroom:

Think about it. Would you want a man who does excessive giggling or seems to be afraid to touch in some way? What if he acted like he was nauseated after performing a certain act? Would that man get a return visit? I think not! Yet women feel that this behavior is perfectly okay for them. They think it makes them look more innocent. Even if he goes along with your act for the night, the next day he’s telling his buddies how stupid you are for thinking he doesn’t know you’re not so innocent. In other words, be a woman in the bedroom or you will lose out to another that is.


.2.      Women who act to “pretty” or “too good” for certain sexual activites:

Along the same lines as the first statement but the attitude is a bit more of a turn off. Women who want you to follow a certain protocol in the bedroom are the worst. They don’t want mess up their hair or their make-up. They don’t want to wrinkle their clothes. They don’t want you to “finish” on certain parts of their body, etc., etc., etc. How annoying! She must be the daughter of ole Buzz Killington himself. By the time it’s over (which is not soon enough in this case), a man has concentrated harder on not breaking all the rules than he has on actually trying to pleasure her. What a waste of time this woman is. She’ll get a call only when the well has run completely dry and all other options have been exhausted! Advice: get over yourself or get dumped!


3.      Weird or outrageous noises are not sexy!

Now, there is something to be said about a woman who knows how to really get into it and let you know the level of her enjoyment with sexy moans, whines, and screams. However: howling like a wolf, slipping into the voice of Satan, cawing like a crow or making any noises similar to the ones on the song “What Does The Fox Say?” are not attractive at all. Please take some time to practice alone (wink, wink) and get your stuff together if you are an offender. It could make the difference between getting your man and running him off for good.




4.      Doing too little…

Let’s face it no one likes a dead …. So if you’re the type that likes to just lay there   showing little to no enthusiasm about the deed, you may as well have saved yourself the trouble and read a book instead. There’s nothing worse than the woman that goes horizontal and merely puts her hand on your back and lets out a few “oooohs” every now and again. She treats sex like it’s nothing special. She says stuff like “sure I love sex but I can go without it” or she goes on about how long she’s gone without it and didn’t miss it. She may feel like sex is dirty or naughty due to her religious upbringing or experiences from the past. Boring!! Along with this, is the woman who never wants to venture out and try anything new. It’s vanilla, vanilla, vanilla sprinkled with drops of vanilla. You will never excite or keep a man this way. You simply have to step your sex game up!  If you need some ideas on how to shake things up, stay tuned to this blog!


5.      Doing too much!

There’s a moment from the “Scary Movie” franchise that comes to mind (hilarious). Normally, this comes about from a woman realizing that she’s guilty of one or more of the previous mentioned points so she tries to overcompensate by putting on what I like to call the “Big Show.” This act comes complete with fire, explosions, circus clowns, tigers and bears. Calm down. Going over the top with things makes a man feel uncomfortable. He knows that nothing you’re doing is genuine and it’s a huge turn off. You will end up getting no sex at all with this approach and more than likely the night will end in a fight. Instead, introduce one or two things that he has expressed interest in. Do it very cool with confidence and the appropriate enthusiasm.


Stay tuned. There’s more to this list!

Why He Cheats: The Truth EVERY woman should know

    Ladies: Why Is Your Man Cheating?

the truth you haven’t been given…until now

First word: This is information that could get me stripped of my Mancard so don’t take this lightly. We’ve heard a gazillion times that all men cheat and they’re all dogs. That’s not always true. Those who do cheat have a reason. I’m about to give you a completely new perspective on why men choose to sleep around. Seriously, it helps to know what kind of cheater you are with or should I say: the reason behind the cheating. This can help you decide if you seriously want to stay and wait it out or pack up and go. Tu Listo?

Okay. I am going to make this simple. The most important factor in how much and why a man cheats is his age! Here is a simple scale that breaks it down:

Age 21-25: Sorry ladies, but if your man is in this age group, I hope you have a big heart and a whole lot of patience. For men at this age, it’s heartbeat optional. Meaning: they’ll have sex with anything, anywhere, anytime. The other female doesn’t even have to be as pretty as you. She can be the most unattractive person alive but his hormones are raging and he just reached the “I can legally get in the club” age. And what are clubs all about? Clubs are all about people getting drunk and horny. Why? So they can hook up with someone, get laid and come back next week to do it all again. The scene is fresh, new and full of excitement. He also is being seen as a young man to the rest of the world. So there are a lot of females that knew him from the past that want to know what he’s all about and vice-versa. Plus, the general call of the wild that makes men want to sleep with every woman they see is in full force! You will not be able to reform this man no matter how good you treat him or how much you try to please him in bed. Your options are to leave, do some cheating of your own to make yourself feel like it’s even, or wait it out. But please understand that you’re in for a llllooooonnnnggg wait.

Age 26-30: At this age men begin to be a bit more selective. The cheating slows down a bit but only because he figures if he’s going to take the risk it may as well be for something equal to or better than what he has at home. He may start sleeping with strippers or “model like” females with tiny waists and who wear a ton of make-up (“dime pieces”). He’s probably been caught and went through all the emotions with it so now he has to make it worth his while. Can this be avoided? Not at all. Even if you try to become what he wants, this age group still has a wandering eye accompanied by a wandering penis. Every hot girl he sees, he will try to sleep with.

Age 31-35: This is probably the most interesting group. The men here have simply become bored with their hum drum sex life at home and are wanting things they don’t feel comfortable expressing to their mates. You will find a lot of these men seeking out prostitutes to get their sexual desires fulfilled. It may be possible to turn things around by having some honest, non-judgmental conversation and making some changes to the regular sex routine. Making changes as soon as you see different behavior or lack of interest is key.

Age 36-40: This is the most hopeful group. Men in this category are feeling the crunch of mid-life. Yes…the dreaded mid-life crisis. They are seeking the “fantasy” or “once in a lifetime” thrill. It may be the prom queen from his high school that he never got to tap or the college age waitress at the restaurant you frequent. It could be some actress or super model that he seems to be obsessed with. Either way, introducing some role play, porn or experimenting in some type of swinging activity (whatever you’re comfortable with) is an easy fix and will more than likely keep him from straying. I have no advice to offer to keep him from purchasing that Porsche, though. Good luck with that one.

Age 41-45: Sorry once again ladies, but if your man is in this group and cheating, he’s planning on leaving you. It’s not just about the sex at this point. It’s about everything that has happened in your relationship that he’s not happy with and feels will never change. The woman he’s cheating on you with is your replacement. Your best bet is marriage counseling but if he already has a woman, chances are that it’s too late. Time to start dividing up the property.

Age 46 & up: If your man is still cheating at this age, he’s a whore that hasn’t grown up and probably never will. You best bet for keeping him (if you must) is to become full time swingers. Otherwise, do yourself a favor and dump him.

There it is, ladies. Hope this helps. My Mancard is in jeopardy now but it was for a good cause. Stay tuned for my post: How To Know What Your Man Wants In Bed (without asking him).

Amanda Knox: Screw the Italian Court System!

The Italian court system has proved itself to be one huge joke with the second conviction of Amanda Knox. It seems that the court is so desperate to slam dunk a conviction on an American that they’ll say anything to make it so. Remember, in the beginning the prosecution’s case was centered around the idea that Amanda Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaelle Sollecito, killed their roommate, Meredith Kercher, after she refused to participate in a “drug fueled sex orgy.” The prosecution claimed that Amanda and Rafaelle were “high on marijuana” when they did this. ROTFL!! Because marijuana makes you horny and violent, right? LOLOLOL!!! How stupid can they be? Wait… I have an answer for that in just a minute. Obviously, the Italian courts haven’t stepped into the New Age where people are well aware of what marijuana is and what it does. Most importantly, people are educated about what it does NOT do. And it certainly doesn’t make you a horny killer. How incredibly ignorant! They also argued that her DNA was found on the kitchen knife used to kill Kercher. What?!! You’re kidding? Her DNA was found on the utensils in the freaking house she lived in? No Way!! Still, with all of this non-evidence, they were able to secure a conviction against Knox and she spent 4 years in prison until the conviction was overturned and she was acquitted. She returned to the states but then the Italian court says “wait, wait, we want one more stab at it!” (no pun intended) Why? Because they’re too inept to conduct a proper investigation and locate the real killer! Amanda was also found guilty of slander against a bar owner whom she claimed to have heard confess to the murder. Who knows why she said that? Can we be so sure it wasn’t factual? I mean… the entire first conviction was thrown out and she was acquitted, right? Maybe they convicted her wrongfully of that too.
Now, the funniest part to me is the case the prosecution brought the second time around. This time there was no “mariuana fueled sex orgy” (because they realized how re-damn-diculous that sounded). No…this time it was an argument that broke out over a toilet not being flushed! So, the prosecution presented her as some drugged up, violent whore the first time and now as a very sloppy roommate with killer tendencies if you call her out on it. Really?
Here’s what more than likely happened. That poor young lady was probably murdered by someone in a very important position in the courts or government and in order to keep the focus off that person, the court is set on convicting this sweet,innocent American girl and her boyfriend. Hey, it makes as much sense as both of their scenarios!
I say that she goes into hiding somewhere in the states. Lay low, Amanda!
To the Reptalian…oops! I mean… Italian court system: Leave Amanda alone!! (Chris Crocker voice).

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